The Grocery eCommerce Podcast

A Deep Dive into a Fascinating and Expansive Industry

Grocery technology is our focus, as Ocado’s David Hardiman-Evans discusses how innovations can reduce costs and deliver a great customer experience.

Special Guest: David Hardiman-Evans, SVP North America, Ocado Solutions

Dan McCarthy discusses customer-based corporate valuations (CBCV) as a way to evaluate a company and the implications for regional grocers.

Today’s focus is COVID and grocery eCommerce. How has the pandemic affected grocery retail? Why is it so important that retailers invest in their eCommerce experience now? What are the three vital parts of grocery eCommerce that you need to own?

A proactive grocery retail strategy is imperative for 2021. Brick Meets Click’s David Bishop dissects key stats from his firm’s latest quarterly report to reveal strategies and tactics that can improve grocery pickup performance and shopper loyalty.

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