The Grocery eCommerce Podcast

A Deep Dive into a Fascinating and Expansive Industry

Dave Abbott joins the Digital Grocer Podcast to share eCommerce lessons across retail verticals, from apparel to home improvement, to now grocery.

Special Guest: Dave Abbott, Chief Marketing Officer, Brookshire Grocery Company

This episode, food retail’s tech giant takeover is on our minds. Is Silicon Valley going to save grocery retail or take it over completely? Sylvain and Mark consider what factors will impact grocery retail survival past the pandemic, as tech giants navigate the space.

Shopper Behavior has been fundamentally changed by the pandemic. Big moves by Amazon, Walmart and H-E-B are examples of how some retailers are responding to market demand. But are these moves right for every grocer’s business? Our survey with research firm Incisiv revealed the key factors that determine retailer banner loyalty for 60K grocery shoppers across the US.

Rick Watson joins us for the season premiere of the Digital Grocer Podcast to discuss why Walmart has joined the Instacart Marketplace. How will this benefit Walmart, and why should retailers on the marketplace be concerned?

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