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This grocery podcast takes a deep dive into the fascinating and expansive world of grocery eCommerce. Now considered essential, online grocery shopping serves the basic life needs for a growing number of consumers and households. With safety concerns top of mind for shoppers in the U.S., more than 50% have changed the way they shop. Online grocery is also a highly competitive marketplace expected to grow to 20% of total grocery food sales by 2025.

Podcast hosts Sylvain Perrier and Mark Fairhurst interview retail executives, industry leaders and technology innovators in a lively, unscripted conversational format to explore today’s hot topics and tomorrow’s trends in retail grocery guaranteed to inform and entertain.

Named as a Top 10 Influential in Retail 2020 and a 2019 Grocery Game Changer, Sylvain Perrier is a true digital retail trailblazer. As President and CEO of Mercatus, he is the driving force behind the leading digital commerce platform in grocery retail. As host of The Digital Grocer Podcast, he infuses these conversations with his vast understanding of retail, grocery operations and technology, as well as his quick wit and good humor.

Co-host on The Digital Grocer Podcast and as VP of Marketing at Mercatus, Mark brings to the show a marketer’s perspective on the rapidly evolving grocery tech landscape. He applies a strategic lens focused on a continual search for the next big trends and best practices. Mark enjoys exploring not just how things are changing in grocery retail, but also why they’re changing — and where they’re headed.

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