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A proactive grocery retail strategy is imperative for 2021. Brick Meets Click’s David Bishop dissects key stats from his firm’s latest quarterly report to reveal strategies and tactics that can improve grocery pickup performance and shopper loyalty.

This week, Delivery Drivers Inc (DDI) CEO Aaron Hageman joins us on The Digital Grocer podcast. As the pandemic sparks continued growth in the grocery delivery industry, Aaron shares how grocers can quickly and easily scale their own delivery service and how DDI can help.

What supermarket trends can we expect to see in 2021? Sylvain shares his top 10 predictions for the coming year and how grocers can plan for success.

The supermarket industry has undergone massive change in 2020. Retailers are focused on convenience, as shoppers demand contactless grocery services like curbside pickup and home delivery. But what are the costs of this convenience? Benjamin Lorr, author of The Secret Life of Groceries, joins The Digital Grocer podcast to share his insights from research in the field.

Dave Abbott joins the Digital Grocer Podcast to share eCommerce lessons across retail verticals, from apparel to home improvement, to now grocery.

This episode, food retail’s tech giant takeover is on our minds. Is Silicon Valley going to save grocery retail or take it over completely? Sylvain and Mark consider what factors will impact grocery retail survival past the pandemic, as tech giants navigate the space.

Shopper Behavior has been fundamentally changed by the pandemic. Big moves by Amazon, Walmart and H-E-B are examples of how some retailers are responding to market demand. But are these moves right for every grocer’s business? Our survey with research firm Incisiv revealed the key factors that determine retailer banner loyalty for 60K grocery shoppers across the US.

Rick Watson joins us for the season premiere of the Digital Grocer Podcast to discuss why Walmart has joined the Instacart Marketplace. How will this benefit Walmart, and why should retailers on the marketplace be concerned?

Joining us from Brick Meets Click is David Bishop, to explore the pandemic trends in grocery eCommerce revealed in our May shopper survey. Find out why we think grocery eCommerce is here to stay, plus the next important trend you need to prepare for.

Autostore’s Andrew Benzinger offers up insights on grocery micro fulfillment. What are micro fulfillment centers (MFCs)? How can they help you get groceries into your shoppers’ hands faster? How do they improve the shopper experience?

Steve Dennis, author of Remarkable Retail, talks about retail shifts in in the age of digital disruption and the complex relationship between eCommerce and brick-and-mortar. With tips on how retail leaders can win, and keep, customers.

Raley’s Zac Wilson on crisis response to COVID-19. From store policies on social distancing to contactless grocery pickup and delivery to rapid hiring and onboarding — we explore the many ways grocers can adapt and prepare for the future.

Today's focus is COVID and grocery eCommerce. How has the pandemic affected grocery retail? Why is it so important that retailers invest in their eCommerce experience now? What are the three vital parts of grocery eCommerce that you need to own?

Bringg CEO Guy Bloch discusses the rise in online grocery sales due to COVID-19 and the crucial role of delivery. Learn why you should start small and scale up, own your delivery program and put the right communications and processes in place.

Rick Watson discusses grocery marketplaces with Mark and Sylvain. Specifically, should grocers launch their own marketplace? What are the risks and rewards? We look at how they work, lessons from Amazon and the story behind the FedEx–Amazon break-up.

A summary of NRF 2020 Grocery eCommerce trends. Sylvain and Mark discuss the role of grocery in health and wellness and in shoppers’ nutritional choices and how to identify technology solutions that add true value to your grocery retail business.

We talk to GroceryKey’s Jeremy Neren about the importance of clean product data and good data governance, important factors for successful search, personalization and presentation. Then talk turns to predictions for grocery eCommerce in 2020.

Smart & Final’s Ed Wong explains the process of selecting the right grocery eCommerce solution, including two crucial requirements. Also covered: dealing with the unique challenges of serving both household and business customers.

Tom Furphy and Kevin Coupe explain why grocers need to take a customer-centric approach to grocery eCommerce to survive against retail giants. The group also considers how technology can empower grocers to connect with shoppers.

Weis Markets’ Ron Bonacci provides insights on how to plan for successful eGrocery implementation, including eCommerce strategy, long-term vision, future technologies and the key marketing fundamentals of a successful eCommerce experience.

We chat with SupermarketGuru Phil Lempert and Spoon Guru’s Marcus Stripf about key trends at NRF 2020: robotics and personalization. Plus, emerging grocery trends in the US and Europe, technology as distraction and gig economy companies.

Customer lifetime value is the focus of our season finale. We look at how this metric helps grocers shape their business and maximize revenue, along with other key metrics and strategies for growth. Plus, what’s in store for grocery retail in 2020?

Raley’s Zac Wilson shares the secret of a successful eCommerce launch. Discover his biggest challenges and the secrets for success. From marketplaces to dark stores and automation, what innovations will best serve grocers and their customers?

ShopHero CEO Rob Christian takes an insightful look at strategy and eCommerce. As the ante rises, he argues, grocery retailers need to undergo an eCommerce culture change. They also need to find new ways to work with CPG and protect their brand.

Replenium’s Dan Bourgault and Beccah Rybalsky explain the advantages of subscription models, and how owning your customer data and knowing exactly what to do with it can drive sales — and empower you to compete with the big players in grocery retail.

Radius Networks’s Jeff Baskin and ShopperKit’s Jack Record join Sylvain and Mark to discuss technologies that can improve shopper experiences and reduce grocers’ costs — with a reminder about how personal food shopping is and the importance of trust.

FitforCommerce CEO Bernardine Wu visits us on the floor of Groceryshop 2019 and shares her unique perspective on the need for digital diligence in retail — and why data really is the new black. In her words: “It’s worth mapping out everything.

MouthMedia CEO Rob Sanchez looks at surprising similarities between the grocery retail and fashion industries. Rob, Mark and Sylvain discuss barriers to entry, why some technologies are overrated, and what’s going on at Groceryshop 2019.

Supermarket chains and eCommerce opportunities — we investigate, live from the floor of Groceryshop 2019 in Las Vegas. Plus, Sylvain and Mark look at how large online retailers are increasing household penetration.

Kevin Coupe discusses challenges in grocery retail: Why don’t grocery retailers think of their own company as a brand? Why don’t they capitalize on data with suggestive selling? And why aren’t they considering the risks of using gig workers?

Barclays’ Karen Short talks about “Dissecting the Instacart Addition,” her team’s recent research report. She looks at the strong affinity of shoppers with Instacart and the negative impact it can have on grocery retailers’ bottom line.

CCPA and its impact on grocery retailers — what is the California Consumer Privacy Act and how can you prepare your business for successful implementation? Privacy and security experts John Tomaszewski and Ted Murphree visit our studio to discuss.

We’re at the NGA Show 2019, discussing what independent grocers can take away from the conference. Specifically, Sylvain and Mark look at how to take a strategic approach to technological partnerships and implement change management in your business.

Brittain Ladd offers up grocery retail market predictions in the wake of rapid industry change and eCommerce growth. Strategic plays and big moves are predicted. Also up for discussion: reclaiming your customer and brand, finding purpose and more.

The Robin Report contributor Warren Shoulberg chimes in on important changes in grocery: meal kits, data analysis, partnerships and acquisitions. The award-winning retail journalist also looks at how the industry might adapt to shopper expectations.

Spoon Guru CEO Markus Stripf joins us at Groceryshop 2018 to explain how his company combines AI, machine learning and nutritional expertise to provide shoppers with personalized food recommendations tailored to dietary preferences and health needs.

What does future grocery delivery technology look like? Sylvain and Mark discuss trends in delivery solutions, the risks of using third parties, the role of technology in retail and a recent Mercatus survey on pick-up and delivery preferences.

Supermarket Guru® Phil Lempert looks at top trends in grocery retail, with insights on why retailers need to invest in owning their brand relationship with shoppers, consumers’ connectivity to food and technological changes from farm to table.

In online grocery, security is a key concern. Sylvain looks at why it’s important for grocery retailers to increase security and how they can mitigate risk. Guest Robert Harrison, an expert in cyber insurance, explains this complex product.

Sean Butler discusses meal kits, the fastest growing food channel in the U.S. Find out why he says the future of meal kits is not the subscription model, but a curated, non-subscription model supported by a fresh, rotating set of in-store offerings.

Online grocery and ADA is our topic. Accessibility experts Michele Landis and Eric Slezak discuss the impact of the Americans with Disabilities Act on grocery retail, and the pitfalls of not adhering to Web Content Accessibility Guidelines 2.0.

Brittain Ladd discusses Amazon and others who are playing an infinite game in grocery retail. An infinite game is one that has no defined field, the rules can change at any time — and the goal is to keep the game going forever.

Brittain Ladd considers M&A as a grocery strategy to better prepare for battles against Amazon, Walmart and others invading traditional grocers’ markets. How critical are these “big moves” for long-term success? Brittain, Sylvain and Mark explore.

Brittain Ladd addresses the growing threats to traditional grocery retailers, as we kick off the inaugural episode of The Digital Grocer. Find out what Brittain means when he says “to be digital means to be transformational."